December 2005

  • The Free Software Directory is a project of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) and United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). We catalog useful free software that runs under free operating systems — particularly the GNU opera
  • Portable Unit Converter (PUC) converts between common units, such as centimetres, inches, litres and gallons. Lightweight and cross-platform, PUC may be deployed across your enterprise, from Personal Data Assistant (PDA) and desktop to your intranet and t
  • Siegel simulates the action of robots walking by using \”genetic programming,\” which copies natural evolutionary strategies and combines them with the concepts of automatic programming.
  • The program converts quantities expressed in various scales to their equivalents in other scales. Units can only handle multiplicative scale changes. For example, it cannot convert Celsius to Fahrenheit but it can convert temperature differences between t
  • Euler – Program for computing with real and complex numbers and matrices
    This the GTK port of Euler, a program for quicky and interactvely computing with real and complex numbers and matrices. It features advanced graphical capabilities and a simple prog
  • English (USA)

    Palakkad GNU/Linux Users Society aims at spreading the message of Free and Open Source Software in the Palakkad District of Kerala, India. It promotes and supports use of Swatantra Softwares like GNU/Linux.

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